About Us

Lynkup Taxi Service Inc. is a transportation company that depends on growth and are very passionate about the people who we serve daily; locally and nationwide We believe, teach, live and practice excellence in every facet of our business. You are valuable to us and that’s why we are so passionate about the superior services we provide. When you ride with us, you can be assured that you are treated with appreciation, dignity and a sense of belonging.

We will provide our shareholders with impressive annual growth in per-share earnings while continually investing in product research and business development to assure a reliable future. Dividends will be consistent and recognize shareholders' needs for an adequate return and the company's need for growth capital.   We intend to remain an independent company and chart our own course.

Recognizing that the quality of our shareholders' investment is built and measured over time, we will not sacrifice long-term growth in sales and earnings for short-term results. To effectively maximize our shareholder's equity, we must have strong, positive relationships with our customers and our associates.

Our most important resources are our passengers and employees, in their respective capacities. We recognize and reward our staff who actively demonstrate and support our drive for progress and results through our drive for continuous Excellence. We appreciate diversity and individuality.